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MEDPREP | Medical/Dental Education Preparatory Program

MEDPREP Application Steps

To complete your application, please click the underlined links below to verify or submit the requested information. Your application and all supporting documents (i.e. Official Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation and MEDPREP Recommendation Form) must be received on or before 4:30pm (CDT) on the deadline date for your application cycle. No mail will be accepted after 4:30pm (CDT) on the deadline date, regardless of the postmark. The application cycle deadlines are:


Name:  Jane/John Q. Public

Application Status:  Prescreen required


Section of Application

 Incomplete Prescreen Video Conference
A WebEx (Zoom) video meeting is required with the MEDPREP Admissions Coordinator prior to starting an online application and building your Consolidated Packet.
Please contact Mr. Trent Stevens to schedule.
 Incomplete Compliance Information
Provide your statements of compliance with MEDPREP Admissions Rules
 Incomplete Personal Information
Provide your legal name, contact information, citizenship, and interests
 Incomplete Family Information
Describe your family background and financial situation
 Incomplete Biographical Information
Provide information about yourself and your goals
 Incomplete Experience Information
Provide information about your activities, employment and experiences
 Incomplete Academic Information and Tests
Provide your testing information and academic background
 Incomplete List of Recommenders
Provide a list of the people from whom your recommendations are being sent
 Incomplete Transcripts and Coursework
Enter the schools from which transcripts are being sent, as well as your coursework
Cumulative Hours for All Schools: 0.00
 Incomplete Certification
Certify your application and your intention to apply to the MEDPREP program
 Incomplete Consolidated Packet Received
MEDPREP Admissions will mark this section as completed when your Consolidated Packet has been received, with all application materials included. Then if all other sections are also completed, you'll see a "Submit" button below to submit your application. Please be sure you have sent your Consolidated Packet to MEDPREP in accordance with the application instructions. You'll be notified via e-mail when the Consolidated Packet is received.
The MEDPREP mission is to increase the numbers of underrepresented minority and disadvantaged students from southern and central
Illinois who will enter and graduate from health professions schools and who will serve in U.S. health professions shortage areas.